Outside Food

Street Food

Street Food Stalls

You can see our street food stalls at local festivals and events, where you can watch our masterly chefs cooking up an array of takeaway treats. Our street food stalls are also a brilliant way to feed and wow your wedding or party guests, and the stalls and food packaging can be personalised to suit your theme. Lots of ‘ooooh’s and ‘mmmm’s guaranteed.


Classic celebration food, German style. Perfect for casual events or as laid-back late night wedding snacks:

Bratwurst, bockwurst, currywurst, beer.

Fried fish and fizz

A firm favourite at food festivals, and easy to eat with one hand, fried fish is also perfect for weddings and parties:

Calamari, whitebait, plaice, fries, Prosecco.

Sam's Burgers 'n' Beer

Our own gourmet take on burgers from around the world served with beer. Great for outdoor parties, casual events and weddings.

Tijuana Taco Shack

Tacos and wraps with guacamole, Monterey Jack and chillis, Sol and Tequila. Fun food for late night parties.


Fried noodles served in noodle boxes with chopsticks. Noodle boxes can be personalised to suit your event theme.

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For fabulous food and drink at your event please call us on 01492 580507 or 07901 688282, or email enquiries@outsidefood.co.uk